Exhibit 2 form is used whenever an Exhibit 3 is getting submitted to change the vault account, a new vault business is getting added, or an existing vault business is being update

Exhibit 6 – This form is used to change surcharge amount, daily surcharge distribution, ATM relocation and vault cash loader account change. For use of surcharge amount and account change you will need to include an Exhibit 3 and a voided check. For vault loader/owner account changes please include an Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3 and a voided check or bank letter.

Exhibit 3 – This form allows for an existing bank account to be updated to a new bank account. *A voided check or letter from the bank will be required when submitted*

This form is needed to make Taxpayer ID number or Employer ID number additions and changes for any business. PAI must have a current W-9 for each business!

Exhibit 4 – This form contains all of the important information that is needed to properly setup a new ATM

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